Wheelchair Table Tennis ft. Pro Player

2. Ruj 2020.
256 155 Pregleda

Table tennis in a wheelchair! It was very interesting to try this out and challenge one of the world's best class 1 Wheelchair players. Thanks to Aino Tapola for joining us!
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  • I’m on whellcahir and I play ping pong

    รเгเยร รєภรєเ ק๏๏ɭรเгเยร รєภรєเ ק๏๏ɭPrije 3 sati
  • I want to see wheelchair tournament

    devarapu sriakshajdevarapu sriakshajPrije 3 dana
  • Play with your go pro

    Kaos 999Kaos 999Prije 5 dana
  • Does she have a fake hand??

    Neelima BonthuNeelima BonthuPrije 9 dana
  • Challenge 💪: play ping pong 🏓 with high weight ⚖️ dumbles 🏋🚴💪 maybe otto will win 😂🤣😅

    Dhanashekar GovindaswamyDhanashekar GovindaswamyPrije 9 dana
  • play against Timo Boll

    YouTube-KanalYouTube-KanalPrije 13 dana
  • Challenge: lets move your hips a bit: try playing with rackets attached to your hips to the left and right 😎

    Master MindMaster MindPrije 19 dana
  • Challenge: Try playing in a kids cotton hopping bag

    Master MindMaster MindPrije 19 dana
  • Challenge: Play ping pong with your hands

    Daniel HungDaniel HungPrije 21 dan
  • What are the names of these people?

    ケンケンPrije 23 dana
  • Please say intro in Telugu

    Tirumal BurleTirumal BurlePrije 25 dana
  • Challange: Can you break a mirror with a racket and Ball?

    Noah WeberNoah WeberPrije 26 dana
  • Challenge: Return Otto's around the net shot by ur weak hand.

    dark fire gamingdark fire gamingPrije 26 dana
  • Challenge: play table tennis while a giraffe is in the same room

    sawyer9timessawyer9timesPrije 27 dana
  • Tournament idea: Games to 100. Have you done this before? I have. Not exactly in tournament mode but these games are quite doable. With 4 in the tournament and a total of 3 games, it's a lot of ping pong- but this is what we're here for, right? My rationale. The main reason I want to see this is because I want to see massive amounts of ping pong (table tennis). The main reason that you- the creators of this channel and entertainers of us- should want to do it is because it gives you an opportunity to be ahead or behind by 20 points or so while someone is trying to come back from that. Have you ever experienced that? I'm not sure, maybe you have. If there's one thing to keep an eye on in that type of tournament, it's this- the largest deficit that any one of you is able to overcome. It could be huge. There could be a 20 or 30 point lead that someone is able to erase. That gives you a whole new category of bragging rights. Other things to keep an eye on- in a game to 100, how likely is it that you wind up at deuce in the end? When you're behind and facing game point, what's the most amount of times that any one of you can save your bacon and keep the game going? Again, you have the potential for 10 or 20 game points in a row. You never know, it could be fun. Please do this tournament. And a special follow up request from me- if you enjoy it, consider making it a regular thing. That would give you a better opportunity to keep track of who's erased the biggest deficit, who's allowed the biggest comeback, who's saved the most consecutive game points and of course who wins the most tournaments when it's done this way.

    mmmcountsmmmcountsPrije 28 dana
  • bend the tables so they are towards yourself like this /\. I love your videos!

    Esman_DKEsman_DKPrije 29 dana
  • Hey pongfinity intro in telugu

    Abhinav Sahil PechettiAbhinav Sahil PechettiPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play with a net between two tables

    я кот!! Вям румя кот!! Вям румPrije mjesec
  • hrworld.info/home/video/pbiDlqR8aZ5yopU.html

    김주상폼생폼사탁구tv김주상폼생폼사탁구tvPrije mjesec
  • Jakie wy macie paletki

    Maciek dnoシMaciek dnoシPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play with your rackets taped to your hands

    Benjamin EikremBenjamin EikremPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play with a banana but try and make the banana explode

    Zach HosaZach HosaPrije mjesec
  • Give your intro in Hindi. PLEASE

    Ansh MalikAnsh MalikPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: make a big hole center of the each side of the table and then play:)

    حج حجیحج حجیPrije mjesec
  • Legal😊😊

    HueLucas GGHueLucas GGPrije mjesec
  • Challenge make the into in Spanish

    Santi NietoSanti NietoPrije mjesec
  • challenge make a rubik's cube while playing with it

    Santi NietoSanti NietoPrije mjesec
  • Challenge play tenis with tables = table tenis

    Santi NietoSanti NietoPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play ping pong with the racket taped to the head

    Infinity SoccerInfinity SoccerPrije mjesec
  • 💣🕒 The month arrived hrworld.info/home/video/gbaPis-Yn6yWZ8w.html 💣🕒

    Erica GrandaaErica GrandaaPrije mjesec
  • challange= play with the world's thinnest racquet

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  • hrworld.info/home/video/esxxg653gKaBecg.html

    LeqendLeqendPrije mjesec
  • I am your biggest fan

    Angshuman SarkarAngshuman SarkarPrije mjesec
  • thank you guys for showing a wheelchair athlete it was cool to watch

    ham4funham4funPrije mjesec
  • the Brazilian community is very strong on your channel? I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator

    Alisson VivanAlisson VivanPrije mjesec
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  • Nice pongfinity Professional

    Azhar AbbasAzhar AbbasPrije mjesec
  • Play while riding on a unicycle

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  • She’s what? Like a T4-T5?

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  • 1000th comment

    Perfect Shot!Perfect Shot!Prije mjesec
  • Please guys I have challenge for you: do your intro in Bengali its easy please its my request please

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  • It's the non-moving guy

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  • Challenge: ping pong with roller skates

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  • hrworld.info/home/video/qdhloNaijpdiqMg.html

    Mr MinecraftMr MinecraftPrije mjesec
  • challenge add a rumber band every time you get a point or lose 1

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  • Challenge: Play ping pong like actual tennis. (the serve and all the kinds of shots they do in tennis.)

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  • Pls can you make tutorials from beginner to be pro.thx

    Thomas CorbaniThomas CorbaniPrije mjesec
  • login to the next video in Turkish

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  • Challenge: Play table tennis on a skateboard.

    Hutch Butch BuddyHutch Butch BuddyPrije mjesec
  • Do the intro in swedish

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  • I love miikka He's the bestttttt.

  • Within 2 minutes make 30 around the net shots

    table tenniztable tennizPrije mjesec
  • Challenge with comb

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  • play with your laptop

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  • Play with badmindon stick

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  • Do the intro in nepali

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  • I found your channel recently and I have been binge watching it. It is awesome. I was wondering what rackets you guys use (when you aren't using plates and bikes that is).

    Christopher McNeilChristopher McNeilPrije mjesec
  • Do your intro in Nepali language

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  • You should try ripstik ping pong

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  • Otto vs Miika at 2 mil subs!!! If Miika wins Otto will shave his beard and if Otto wins Miika will grow a full beard!

    andreycuyduandreycuyduPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: sting pong If you lose a point, you turn around and your opponent can take a free shot at your back. I will play against Otto

    Jacob McGloneJacob McGlonePrije mjesec
  • Can you play tabletennis with schläger taped at your ellbows

    Tommy NgTommy NgPrije mjesec
  • Русские есть

    Алина УтрисоваАлина УтрисоваPrije mjesec
  • It makes a challenge for you to have your back and play looking at a mirror detail: it has to be Otto against Mikka

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  • Make your intro in Malayalam , a language in Kerala,India

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  • Challange play with a 10$ racket

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  • Next time introduce with Tamil language Please 🤗🙏🙏

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  • in my club theres the second best player in europe in wheelchair table tennis

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  • Bir sürü topu bir araya getirin öyle oynayın

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  • Could you add chuki beats music pongfinity?

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  • Do a squat after each shot you take 😂

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  • Challenge : Make a video!!! play with spoon in place of racket .

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  • Remember to subscribe to pongfinity you wont regret it

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  • Challenge: Play with a RC car and a paddle is taped onto it

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    • pls

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    _SNAIT_ YT__SNAIT_ YT_Prije mjesec
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  • Keep the ping pong in the air

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  • take someone who doesn't know table tennis and train him (You all have to train each other one by one and then they'll play a match, let's see which one of you is training better).

    tolgahan tufantolgahan tufanPrije mjesec
  • take someone who doesn't know table tennis and train him (You all have to train each other one by one and then they'll play a match, let's see which one of you is training better).

    tolgahan tufantolgahan tufanPrije mjesec
  • take someone who doesn't know table tennis and train him (You all have to train each other one by one and then they'll play a match, let's see which one of you is training better).

    tolgahan tufantolgahan tufanPrije mjesec
  • Play table tennis with a skate

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