Pongfinity Tournament (Racket Bottom)

17. Kol 2020.
282 102 Pregleda

Tournament with the handles of our rackets! Who will win?
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  • This was so intense 😂

    PongfinityPongfinityPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Yes

      Sayali PradhanSayali PradhanPrije 20 dana
    • Thankyu for translate in this video, i m italyen

      Marco RMarco RPrije mjesec
    • If you are excited to see the new video of pongfinity so please like the comment👍

      Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
    • #challenge play table tennis with balls out difrent materials :3

      Marko roncevic [ping pong master]Marko roncevic [ping pong master]Prije mjesec
    • Challenge: play ping pong with a computer

      Red Llama73Red Llama73Prije mjesec
  • Cut a rubber and put it on the bottom

    Baconator2017 GamesBaconator2017 GamesPrije 5 dana
  • Your match is so intense and amazing

    Livaï AckermanLivaï AckermanPrije 10 dana
  • Reach 2 million subscribers before 2021

    Linu AbèeLinu AbèePrije 15 dana
  • It seems easy, but test it out!

    Hot SausageHot SausagePrije 21 dan
  • i'm a brazilian i'm using google translator to write this comment, could you put a caption in portuguese?

    João_ MarquetiJoão_ MarquetiPrije 26 dana
  • Nice Otto good match

    mr beastmr beastPrije mjesec
  • Were are you from guys?

    shay pazshay pazPrije mjesec
  • Try make net high 20cm...and play under the net

    Daniele KhanDaniele KhanPrije mjesec
  • Play with holding raquet in mouth

    Keshav JetlyKeshav JetlyPrije mjesec
  • Otto has never moved this much.

    backspacer92backspacer92Prije mjesec
  • which racket do you use pls tell me

    unaiza 262unaiza 262Prije mjesec
  • .

    Marsnata jadwaa KurniawanMarsnata jadwaa KurniawanPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: You play with magnifying glasses as rackets

    Soham BhatiaSoham BhatiaPrije mjesec
  • Challenge:do a multi ball challenge (bouncy ball,tennis ball and a rubber band ball) please😀🏓

    Syed Aashir SalmanSyed Aashir SalmanPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play ping-pong with leg. This work has to be done by emil

    Kiran ChoudharyKiran ChoudharyPrije mjesec
  • 2:45 & 4:10 Miikka and Otto, did the same thing on match point... But, Miikka, it can still be intense with the bottom of the racquet, it’s competition, that just shows that you care, and are very competitive... ;)

    I Purple You!!!I Purple You!!!Prije mjesec
  • Do a intro under the water

    José Miguel Boeres FilhoJosé Miguel Boeres FilhoPrije mjesec
  • i just wanna say that otto is a living legend. no one can disagree on that one im sure

    edvinsteredvinsterPrije mjesec
  • Hello, I'm glad you put Turkish subtitles for you I love you I follow my favorite absorbed from the turkey ❤

    Gora DanışmanlıkGora DanışmanlıkPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play while on a pogo stick

    Vignesh KannaVignesh KannaPrije mjesec
  • If you are excited to see the new video of pongfinity like this comment 👍.

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • play with ventilators around you

    Game StarsGame StarsPrije mjesec
  • Hey Pongfinity. Do your intro in Punjabi!!

    Ruzual SinghRuzual SinghPrije mjesec
  • Do a greek intro

    tol1s 21tol1s 21Prije mjesec
  • Challenge: play with emil phone with the screen

    Rafael NehemiahRafael NehemiahPrije mjesec
  • Challenge:Pls 🙏 play the game of balloon 🎈 bursting fast. Otto 🆚 Emil

    Kalavathy RavindranathKalavathy RavindranathPrije mjesec
  • Can u guys make another video of Bouncy ping pong

  • Challenge: Reach 2 million subscribers before 2021.

    drtdrtPrije mjesec
    • hmmmm i think that is a little tight but it isn't impossible.

      TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play tennis with a ping pong ball

    Rick BaishuakRick BaishuakPrije mjesec
    • the tennis ball will crush the table tennis ball

      TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije mjesec
  • What about a video in which you do the snake like Adam Bobrow?

    Mitul GuptaMitul GuptaPrije mjesec
  • Play a match with only tomahawk and reverse tomahawk shots!

    Vaibhav JVaibhav JPrije mjesec
  • Play a match where everything you do is illegal

    Vaibhav JVaibhav JPrije mjesec
  • Let's try something like three sides table with match of three players all vs all :P

    Frantisek KubasekFrantisek KubasekPrije mjesec
  • try to play blindfolded

    Arjun sujithArjun sujithPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play table tennis with a ladder

    RXMRXMPrije mjesec
  • Do your in chinese

    王湯瑪士王湯瑪士Prije mjesec
  • challenge: play a whole match but with a mask

    Alex LEEAlex LEEPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play with baseball bat

    Rafael NehemiahRafael NehemiahPrije mjesec
  • Hey guys, r u awere you are in this video at 5'28 ? hrworld.info/home/video/h7GYmJpmq6mXfbo.html

    Guillaume DebayGuillaume DebayPrije mjesec

      TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije mjesec
  • somebody know which rackets the use?

    Muhammad Daniyal SaeedMuhammad Daniyal SaeedPrije mjesec
    • otto uses yasaka rakza

      TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije mjesec
  • 1

    HazzarD 007HazzarD 007Prije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play like hyperactive kids that dont take his medicine, I would like to see Otto begin hyperactive, because in all the video its seems to be almost dead xD

    Pablo Lopez MuñozPablo Lopez MuñozPrije mjesec
  • i chalenge you to try ping pong games on andriod

    Kushal KhanalKushal KhanalPrije mjesec
  • hrworld.info/home/video/Y6R0hMKpq4V6qtQ.html lets test theses tricks ;)

    StyroBen 33StyroBen 33Prije mjesec
  • Every new video in every 3 days

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • Please upload your new video

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • Challenge Pongfinity Do this what Otto say in the game of trick shots

    Garnek GamerGarnek GamerPrije mjesec
  • Can you play tennis with table tennis materials and table?

  • Challenge: opening with Indonesia

    Rafael NehemiahRafael NehemiahPrije mjesec
  • In the next "challenge pongfinity" can you do the intro in italian?

    NS CHRISNS CHRISPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: use ur head as a bat

    daryldarylPrije mjesec
  • Play ping pong while doing yoga....

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play table tennis with phones as rackets, strangely works well

    Harry TaylerHarry TaylerPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: don't upload for 5 months

    Alex LEEAlex LEEPrije mjesec
  • pongfinity can you give me table for table tennis

    aiman gamingaiman gamingPrije mjesec
  • challenge: play a round table with about 4 -5 people

    Tanay PathakTanay PathakPrije mjesec
  • Do your INTRO in kannada

    prasanna clnprasanna clnPrije mjesec
  • Try playing squash table tennis Put one end of the table up and chop the ball into the vertical side of the table then have it rebound on the horizontal part. I have tried it and it was crazy fun

    Dib HassanDib HassanPrije mjesec
  • In the last couple of episodes I feel like Pongfinity has been dying in views

    Sahasro BhowmikSahasro BhowmikPrije mjesec
  • Challenge:play with the cheapest bats and ball that are fake to see if there's a difference

    Blaze _YTBlaze _YTPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play on regular Kitchen table

    ReachReachPrije mjesec
  • hrworld.info/home/video/qdN8nMmOjqCjapk.html

    Fort MVFort MVPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: try to play in handstand.

    Jakub JakubJakub JakubPrije mjesec
  • Do your intro while running

    Gamer MicahGamer MicahPrije mjesec
  • Make tournament with playing only serves. Ball must touch - your racket, your table , enemy table , enemy racket, enemy table, you table, you racket, you table , enemy table..................

    PLA ALPPLA ALPPrije mjesec
  • How about a sand or water trap on table from net to maybe 18inches from end of table? You guys are great entertainment keep up good work.

    John CoffmanJohn CoffmanPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: make a video in the channel editing sport

    Davide OmonteDavide OmontePrije mjesec
  • When your new video comes today or tomorrow ? please answer

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • Can you tell us what rackets you use?

    Daniyal RizwanDaniyal RizwanPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: different ball gun game

    abu bakr mozawallaabu bakr mozawallaPrije mjesec
  • Do your intro in Czech please🇨🇿👍

    Kkubik czKkubik czPrije mjesec
  • Сhallenge: tie your rackets to your legs and play it like football

    Грязнов ВадимГрязнов ВадимPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: do the intro in Spanish

    ツDiego RomoツDiego RomoPrije mjesec
  • Could you please play tt on a trampoline

    shaun muldoonshaun muldoonPrije mjesec
  • Challenge Pongfinity: Can you guys play with the world rank 1? Please?

    Wesley ChenWesley ChenPrije mjesec
  • Play ping pong with a cricket bat

    Rinku JainRinku JainPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • please do intro in punjabi language

    RamanRamanPrije mjesec
  • Guys I learn the serves of Mikka " A warmmer, Emil "The chopper and Otto " The sensei. Love you guys.👍👍

    Manisha ShuklaManisha ShuklaPrije mjesec
    • nice

      Radhamohan ShuklaRadhamohan ShuklaPrije mjesec
  • Chalenge:Play table tenis while holding the racket with a mouth😄😄

    Александър ИвановАлександър ИвановPrije mjesec
  • Hello Pongfinity can you do another betiser for the end of this year 2020. PS: Very nice end of the year

    Léo GESLINLéo GESLINPrije mjesec
  • Awesome video and good content. i dropped a like :) i have a new video in my channel if you have time you are very welcome to visit my friend :)

    Gold Grass DIY CraftsGold Grass DIY CraftsPrije mjesec
  • Can you break the handle and play with the rest of the racket

    Minh PhamMinh PhamPrije mjesec
  • Can you break the handle and play with the rest of the racket

    Minh PhamMinh PhamPrije mjesec
  • Do intro turkish

    arda baran ekmenarda baran ekmenPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play with a metal racket like a really heavy one

    Liam AtkinsLiam AtkinsPrije mjesec
  • Pls get intro in thai

    Star.tvratStar.tvratPrije mjesec
  • Every video miikka is so cute 😍😍

    Dharshni KDharshni KPrije mjesec
    • Reply me miika please please

      Dharshni KDharshni KPrije mjesec
  • This was a fun video! Challenge: play a game with only under-spin. Any looping, flipping, counter, etc. You loose the point by default.

    Cmariko27Cmariko27Prije mjesec
  • Challenge: Do an episode with Pongfinity parents!

    Layer By LayerLayer By LayerPrije mjesec
  • Do your intro is turkish ?

    Instagram TeamInstagram TeamPrije mjesec
  • Otto wins everytime 😂😄😄

    Damian JanickiDamian JanickiPrije mjesec
  • Play table tennis with phone or keyboard😀

    Tomy 07Tomy 07Prije mjesec