Pongfinity Table Tennis Training

15. Vel 2019.
240 004 Pregleda

Take a peek into Miikka's and Otto's training session in preparation for the Finnish table tennis championships taking place 2.-3.3.2019.
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  • This video is a shortened version of the HRworld live stream that we had two days ago. It was our first time live streaming with new equipment so it was a learning experience but overall it seemed to go well and the quality seemed to be fine! We are planning to do some more live streams in the future, if you have some ideas that you want us to do in a live stream let us know below :)

    PongfinityPongfinityPrije godine
    • how about playing pingpong with table tennis pingpong balls

      mjrs tvboxmjrs tvboxPrije 7 mjeseci
    • Hello

      createdskillcreatedskillPrije godine
    • What equipment you guys rockin now ?

      Nirmal SutharNirmal SutharPrije godine
    • what injury emil has

    • He doesn't want injury again

      6Degreesnorth6DegreesnorthPrije godine
  • Mikka

    SilentWoIfSilentWoIfPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 18:20

    Furkan KocaTürkFurkan KocaTürkPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 15:37 Otto finally showed us so footwork. :D

    IAN YOUIAN YOUPrije 3 mjeseci
  • otto backhand is savage

    Pijus JanavičiusPijus JanavičiusPrije 4 mjeseci

    BERAT KİNGBERAT KİNGPrije 6 mjeseci
  • hi

    TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 🏆🏓

    Алексей АлексеевАлексей АлексеевPrije 8 mjeseci
  • More Pogfinity Table Tennis Training please

    Lorenzo . Fußball skiller EdelmannLorenzo . Fußball skiller EdelmannPrije 10 mjeseci
  • how do you train change of ball placement?

    Good Zil HuntingGood Zil HuntingPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Do the intro in Vietnam

    Hello MancerHello MancerPrije 10 mjeseci
  • I did the investigation from other videos. Otto: Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Miikka: Stiga Clipper CR. No idea about rubbers. Backhand of Miikka sounds like a Tenergy click, though.

    MichaelMichaelPrije 11 mjeseci
  • can you play by holding the bat with the help of our mouth..............lets see......good luck☺😁

    meenu batrameenu batraPrije godine
  • Do an intro in swimming pool.Praise me in your video.I am Shantanu.PLEASE

    My name is ShantanuMy name is ShantanuPrije godine
  • Do an intro in hindi

    My name is ShantanuMy name is ShantanuPrije godine
  • I wish I had friends to play ping pong with :(

    Camden BondCamden BondPrije godine
    • @Camden Bond Sorry for that. I also have no one to play with but I compensate using a table and a robot. The investment was totally worth it since I am improving so much. a few months ago I was one of the worst players in my club but now I'm doing fast forehand topspins and speedy backhands with pendelum server. Just try to get a cheaper stiga table with a decent robot, 36/72 balls and a net. It's worth it if you want to play table tennis regularly.

      TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije mjesec
    • Danica Lockett wow, I’ve never gotten a such nice reply before In my life, when I play ping pong it’s always me hitting the wall back and forth and my parent hate it. Thank you for being so nice

      Camden BondCamden BondPrije 4 mjeseci
    • Camden Bond Same. I don’t have a table and my parents get mad when I just hit the ball. When we go to a public place it’s always with my parents. :( I feel you

      SpongebobSpongebobPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Play an entire Match with your non-so-good hand

    FabianPradoFabianPradoPrije godine
  • Hit the side of the opponents table and return the ball to win the point

    FabianPradoFabianPradoPrije godine
  • Every shot has to be backhand! And see who wins the mini backhand tournament.

    FabianPradoFabianPradoPrije godine
  • im in love with otto's backhand

    serafserafPrije godine
  • Why Emil doesn’t play matchs

    Miguel OltraMiguel OltraPrije godine
  • Do u your intro with mask

    The GamesThe GamesPrije godine
  • Do a next intro on Ukrainian

    nF I MaxnF I MaxPrije godine
  • USATT rating?

    Calvin EntertainsCalvin EntertainsPrije godine
  • 🏓

    TheJutkaTheJutkaPrije godine
  • 頑張って!!

    kiouyterwer oopikiouyterwer oopiPrije godine
  • Кто лучше играет Отто Емиль микки

    Иван МалыгинИван МалыгинPrije godine
  • Kde v Polsku berete tu halu

    Adasus AsusAdasus AsusPrije godine
  • Can you do a review of your rackets? what kind of rubber you guys use, etc.

    Andre PereiraAndre PereiraPrije godine
  • صلو على النبي

    Anas NijemAnas NijemPrije godine
  • .

    olai Grong hagesæterolai Grong hagesæterPrije godine
  • Do a video with timo boll

    Marie AntounMarie AntounPrije godine
  • The bearded guy's movements are so smooth that it should be illegal! :O

    DetherocableDetherocablePrije godine
    • @Detherocable learn some manners.

      LMRLMRPrije 2 mjeseci
    • @mjrs tvbox Learn some English, freak.

      DetherocableDetherocablePrije 6 mjeseci
    • and how could you say its iligal

      mjrs tvboxmjrs tvboxPrije 7 mjeseci
    • hes right he just dont cut his beard

      mjrs tvboxmjrs tvboxPrije 7 mjeseci
    • Otto. Not bearded guy

      Hehe HeheHehe HehePrije 9 mjeseci
  • Otto is a monster damn. Almost never makes mistakes

    Ku møøøKu møøøPrije godine
  • Hey ,Pongfinity! Change Your Intro With Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) Please! Hope You Read This.

    Sunaring Lintang TimurSunaring Lintang TimurPrije godine
  • i just realized that their logo is an infinity symbol made with 2 bats

    DreadifyDreadifyPrije godine
  • Why didn't emil go with u to the tournament

    JeanCarlo TacsonJeanCarlo TacsonPrije godine
  • Play with pans !!!

    HawkeyeHawkeyePrije godine
  • 日本人誰もいない

    四条貴音のファン四条貴音のファンPrije godine
    • 私がいる!

      ガンダムユニコーンガンダムユニコーンPrije godine
  • which Raquet are you using put the review for the Raquet

    Last RoundLast RoundPrije godine
  • Pleaaase let's have a live practice with you three Pleaaase

    Lucas BaldassoLucas BaldassoPrije godine
  • This is hipnotic

    Lisandro AlmironLisandro AlmironPrije godine
  • Wow it's Amazing how Otto hits balls With so much facility

    Head TacticsHead TacticsPrije godine
  • Nice

    Piotr ZioberPiotr ZioberPrije godine
  • can you play a shot while riding a cycle

    Rajbala MatoliaRajbala MatoliaPrije godine
  • can you make a video of the types of ping pong players ???

    Andreu NicolauAndreu NicolauPrije godine
  • White or orange ball?

    crownshakecrownshakePrije godine
  • こんにちは

    うんコタツTVうんコタツTVPrije godine
  • Skurwysyny 😍💪👌

    Gerard NawojGerard NawojPrije godine
  • Use penhold for pen

    Stanley WWEStanley WWEPrije godine
  • Hello, I would like to buy a really good tennis racket. Could you please give me an advice?

    niko fryesniko fryesPrije godine
  • Do table tennis with a cricket bat

    Gk specialistGk specialistPrije godine
  • なんとなくわかるよ

    なみまさみなみまさみPrije godine
  • Do an perfect shot on bean challenge

    CANDY FFCANDY FFPrije godine
  • So satisfying

    MolotovMolotovPrije godine
  • Do you intro to Indonesian

    Akbar AmrullohAkbar AmrullohPrije godine
  • otto no erra una es alto pro

    fernando czarnyfernando czarnyPrije godine
  • Otto really is a giant, huh...

    Leeman HarringtonLeeman HarringtonPrije godine
  • Are you all brothers?

    Joe J HerringtonJoe J HerringtonPrije godine
  • WTF 17:01 Chinese

    JammyJammyPrije godine
    • That's Japanese

      カズトカズトPrije godine
  • Try it seriously!

    ねこっちねこっちPrije godine
  • play table tennis match with eachother

  • Can I just remind everyone of the time Otto had no beard,he looked so different

    Brian BrownBrian BrownPrije godine
  • Play with Adam Bobrow

    Cyrus GamingCyrus GamingPrije godine
  • Make your intro in hindi

    77bhupinder77bhupinderPrije godine
  • Separate the tables ina zig zag position and play

    cursin simoescursin simoesPrije godine
  • Play with phone

    Saad JaveedSaad JaveedPrije godine
  • What kind of rubber and blade you use make a video on it

    Saad JaveedSaad JaveedPrije godine
  • Try to play with shoes instead of your bat

    Charlie GordonCharlie GordonPrije godine
    • Samir- Fortnite wat

      Charlie GordonCharlie GordonPrije godine
    • Charlie Gordon bat?

      JammyJammyPrije godine
  • challenges to play table tennis at the same time so speak French because I am French

    LSK-ZoroLSK-ZoroPrije godine
  • Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase do ping pong stereotypes I bet that would be so funny!!

    Sean McAdamsSean McAdamsPrije godine
  • Do an intro under a ping pong table. And btw are Emil from sweden

    Emil BlomgrenEmil BlomgrenPrije godine
  • do an around the net tutorial

    Ahmed IbrahimAhmed IbrahimPrije godine
  • #challangepongfinity 300k by the end of 3. or 4. month!!🏓🏓

    Krunili XKrunili XPrije godine
  • great workout! you are good tennis players. Would like to play with you, but unfortunately, I'm from Russia. Yes, and your technique is much better), but I also did not miss! Good luck and great success in tennis!

    максим полыгаловмаксим полыгаловPrije godine
  • How can you generate so much spin, especially at serve?

    MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • please do more badminton trick shots

    Noe BascuñanaNoe BascuñanaPrije godine
  • この方たちってプロなんですか?それともハイレベルのアマチュア?

    d kd kPrije godine
  • Look Emil!😂😂😂

    Ccmi TeamCcmi TeamPrije godine
  • Hello people, I really like what you do I do not always understand what you say (I live in Ukraine to me 16 years old) I hope I will meet with you once and play a couple of parties. I hope you in the development of the channel !!!

    Xomax YTXomax YTPrije godine
  • Otto's a beast

    Aahan JainAahan JainPrije godine
    • No Mikka is the best

      BERAT KİNGBERAT KİNGPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Hey, I have challenge for you. Imagine that you are the student. You really wanna play table tennis, and you have the table and the balls in your school. But you haven't rackets. So you can play only with the things you have in your pencil case, like pens, pensils, rulers etc. Good luck!

    Michael ShaidaMichael ShaidaPrije godine
  • Plzz play with head in next video🏓👌🏻

    Legende MeisterLegende MeisterPrije godine
  • Play with cricket bat or football

    Abdullah MahmoodAbdullah MahmoodPrije godine
  • Türk izleyicilerinde var alt yazı koysana pongfinity

    jeiehbe ksishjeiehbe ksishPrije godine
  • Интересно я тут один русский

    Сергей ВетровСергей ВетровPrije godine
  • 17:00

    カズトカズトPrije godine
  • do intro turkish

    Joe KenWoodJoe KenWoodPrije godine
  • do multi-ball training. back spin, top spin, back spin top spin, moving from side to side.

    vincentnnycvincentnnycPrije godine
  • damn how did Otto do that counters and spins by just simply standing?????

    FireLife7FireLife7Prije godine
  • Could you make a video when you all play against each other in a mach

    Kdrifter 3317Kdrifter 3317Prije godine
  • Wich racket and blades do you guys play with?

    GlowStory LionGlowStory LionPrije godine
  • How can you play a chop with an offensive blade?

    Glenn VeidtGlenn VeidtPrije godine
  • Do a vid volley on your knees then on 1 leg

    JE MJE MPrije godine
  • Play table tennis with one foot then play on your knees. PLEASE that would be awesome

    JE MJE MPrije godine
  • Looking at those perfect hits and hearing the nice click every time is the most satisfying thing ever

    TaikamunaTaikamunaPrije godine
    • You owe Jack everything.

      Uku TootsUku TootsPrije 3 mjeseci
    • We tryin to be Justin y?

      ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Prije godine
  • You are the Best!!

    Bolek XPBolek XPPrije godine
  • What tabletenis bat do you have guys,if it is yasaka mark v which one?

    Idk whoIdk whoPrije godine
  • For 300k subs, you should upload a match against each other !!

    Anthony HirschAnthony HirschPrije godine
  • Back hand spin shots😎😎🤐

    Nipa ShahNipa ShahPrije godine