Ping Pong Gun Game 3

24. Lip 2020.
1 328 971 Pregleda

A ping pong match to 21 points with 21 different sports equipment! Who will win: Emil or Otto?
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  • How to do the ghost spin serve

    Dhruv KhajanchiDhruv KhajanchiPrije 2 dana
  • It's 9 after 8

    CamilleCamillePrije 2 dana
  • 1:59 can anyone tell me what he is doing there...

    Franklin YuanFranklin YuanPrije 2 dana
  • I actually play squash

  • the skating intro to emil: 720 kickflip blindfolded with one leg the skating intro: haha otto go zoom

    MrWolxfMrWolxfPrije 6 dana
  • I wish I could could play table tennis:(

    panna patelpanna patelPrije 7 dana
  • A little to much movement for Otto

  • Dayum that roller long af

    poopoohesd623poopoohesd623Prije 9 dana
  • Ah the infamous foam roller peen

    Samuel LynchSamuel LynchPrije 9 dana
  • Me and the boys playing table tennis with a boxing bag and a kettlebell

    very good yesvery good yesPrije 12 dana
  • What's up with the 639 people who disliked. Pongfinity is SO talented and they make my day so much better

    Satyanarayan SaffarSatyanarayan SaffarPrije 13 dana
  • Take a car instead of a bike.

    MiccaPhoneMiccaPhonePrije 16 dana
  • Play while you are skating

    Arjun's Mathematics StoriesArjun's Mathematics StoriesPrije 18 dana
  • Pongfinity vs tabletennisdaily

    Artaban de LacharriereArtaban de LacharrierePrije 19 dana
  • When them with flippers is better than your regular playing

    Will AbbottWill AbbottPrije 20 dana
  • Can you play table tennis with hands

    PV Ultimate RacingPV Ultimate RacingPrije 20 dana
  • 1:35 but the mall trip though😂

    SW1RLYSW1RLYPrije 20 dana
  • 4:20 look at the score nice 👌

    Jakup PetersenJakup PetersenPrije 22 dana
  • 3:32 look at that frickwork

    eglert lufieglert lufiPrije 26 dana
  • A highest rpg character and his weird weapons

    DxNDxNPrije 26 dana
  • Emil in gun game 2: Messes up last serve Emil in gun game 3: Do you wanna see me do it again?

    Anthony HallAnthony HallPrije 28 dana
  • its ok

    Ibrahim QudahIbrahim QudahPrije 28 dana
  • It bounced on the table twice and which rule sais if it hits the go pro your out

    Ibrahim QudahIbrahim QudahPrije 28 dana
  • Play a five Point match with fevicol gloo

    Fatema DohadFatema DohadPrije 29 dana
  • You guys are amazing ❤️

    AbdulHaseeb KhawajaAbdulHaseeb KhawajaPrije mjesec
  • Thanks all! Have a perfect day to all! 🙂😄

    Rich infinite magic fingerRich infinite magic fingerPrije mjesec
  • Olen kiinnostunut pingikseen teidän videoiden kautta💪

    Tom NybergTom NybergPrije mjesec
  • No one: Emil playing ping pong with a bicycle:

    Sachin KhedkarSachin KhedkarPrije mjesec
  • What cpuntry are u guys from idk what country speak like u guys

    Im A WEBBIm A WEBBPrije mjesec
  • I remember way back in high school, I learned to play table tennis using big styro balls as ping pong balls, rattan-woven plates as paddles, long double-helix DNA model as net, abandoned lab table as the ping pong table. I first learned to play ping pong using those crude tools before I learned to play with the actual ping pong gear. Didn't expect that with that very humble beginning, I would be considered for the university's ping pong varsity team. Sadly, I turned down because I thought I would have a hard time managing both my college studies and the required 3-hour daily training outside class hours.

    Solo Q TacticianSolo Q TacticianPrije mjesec
  • The yoga mat play was funny

    Baseball DudeBaseball DudePrije mjesec
  • Did u just say a ab roller is a sport

    Juicy Giraffe01Juicy Giraffe01Prije mjesec
  • Like si sos argentino:v

    fidel herrera videosfidel herrera videosPrije mjesec
  • These guys are trash

    Bob HumfreeBob HumfreePrije mjesec
  • Imagine walking into the room with no idea what they were doing 😂

    The SabristThe SabristPrije mjesec
  • They can adapt to playing ping pong with anything

    Fire LyricsFire LyricsPrije mjesec
  • Me to a female 2:00

    Jose De AndaJose De AndaPrije mjesec
  • You guys really inspired me to play table tennis’s and now I’m a champion in my city Thanks guys keep up the hard work Love you

    Jonathan DorscheidtJonathan DorscheidtPrije mjesec
  • Hej jag är svenne och dom är finnar. Åland är svenskt eller?

    LimziLimziPrije mjesec
  • They are not funny at all

    JAX_2JAX_2Prije mjesec
  • Fatter is the champ තඩිය තමා වැඩ්ඩ

    vIhANdu rANsIkAvIhANdu rANsIkAPrije mjesec
  • My man plays better with a bike then I do with a paddle

    Brian McCabeBrian McCabePrije mjesec
  • Foff AMAZING


    LeqendLeqendPrije mjesec
  • Challenge: Play round the table on ice skates!

    Ludvig EnbomLudvig EnbomPrije mjesec
  • Boomer aang (avatar)

    Jude ColletteJude CollettePrije mjesec
  • 5:04 lol 😂😂

    M Arrijal Rasyad TimorellaM Arrijal Rasyad TimorellaPrije mjesec
  • That kettlebell is the equivalent to the Steyr Scout in Counter Strike gungame. Unless ur 1 of those super pros that have been doing nothing but playing CS in their lives u just can't get a kill with it coz in the heat of battle u keep missing and thus dying. Same goes for the boxing bag, being the equivalent to the AWP.

    DualDesertEagleDualDesertEaglePrije mjesec
  • Where are you from???

    kommi 360kommi 360Prije mjesec
  • kan ni prata svenska?

    TRG RezzzTRG RezzzPrije mjesec
  • Ootteko suomalaisii?

    matte playsmatte playsPrije mjesec
  • Oh no they mall grabbed the skateboard...

    LusseLussePrije mjesec
  • 4:03 Antonidas is that you?

    ΤΖΙ ΚΛΜΤΤΖΙ ΚΛΜΤPrije mjesec
  • 4:05 Nice

    Jackson CannellJackson CannellPrije mjesec
  • Can they play only with their body?

    Bob EvansBob EvansPrije mjesec
  • What is squash

    Samuel LynchSamuel LynchPrije mjesec
  • 言葉はわからないが面白いのはわかる

    桜吹雪桜吹雪Prije mjesec
  • Next up: Gun

    Jacob ChenJacob ChenPrije mjesec
  • Y

    BanjiniPlayzBanjiniPlayzPrije mjesec
  • me: hey mom can we get ping pong paddles? mom: no we have ping pong paddles at home. the ping pong paddles at home:

    RxezzRxezzPrije mjesec
    • underrated comment

      Unlxstig _Unlxstig _Prije mjesec
  • Well the boomerang would surely make the ping pong ball go BACK AND FORTH

    MutraxationMutraxationPrije mjesec
  • the are from finland

    Daniil JokinenDaniil JokinenPrije mjesec
  • Skateboard = Executioner

    Alex CoryAlex CoryPrije mjesec
  • The problem with your videos is that I lost so much in them that I forget to give a thumbs up

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenPrije mjesec
  • i think you can beat me using more than half of the objects on the table, while i'm using a regular racket, OF COURSE :)

    Stefano BassettiStefano BassettiPrije mjesec
  • You just need 400 more views and 1M views on that vid

    TheStarNetTheStarNetPrije mjesec
  • since when was boomerang a sport

    pw. zappw. zapPrije mjesec
  • Twice Emil choked when his opponent was on the last item

    Luka DelangleLuka DelanglePrije mjesec
  • that was 7 second. no 15. it was otto's point hah

    tamuna menabdetamuna menabdePrije mjesec
  • Best video yet

    TrickTastic!TrickTastic!Prije mjesec
  • try nunchucks

    Yasir BaqhteyarYasir BaqhteyarPrije mjesec
  • Miks ette puhu suomee ku huomaan et ootte suomalaisia

    Leevi_ 999Leevi_ 999Prije mjesec
  • This was really funny and fun to watch👌

    Aiden JordaanAiden JordaanPrije mjesec
  • Welcome back to pongfinity and today we will be playing gun game. First lets start with a colt m1911

    MADDOX GMADDOX GPrije mjesec
  • Brin on the Tank!

    Killing Instinct CounterTerrorismKilling Instinct CounterTerrorismPrije mjesec
  • Ping pong and disc golf now your talking

    Purple OrangutanPurple OrangutanPrije mjesec
  • Sorry Emil but you verrrry nooooob😝😝

    Mehemmedeli FerecovMehemmedeli FerecovPrije mjesec
  • Its not about the gun Its the man behind the gun ~~me

    Ahmed NazirAhmed NazirPrije mjesec
  • I want to see the whole game about Miikka vs Emil in Badminton

    Wei En LiuWei En LiuPrije mjesec
  • "this is gonna real gun game 😂😂😂

    NeptuN _NeptuN _Prije mjesec
  • J aime bien le concept

    xerenxerenPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Chaud

    xerenxerenPrije 2 mjeseci
  • What are you gonna do with that skateboard? I want to play ping pong with it. Ok?

    Milan FoxMilan FoxPrije 2 mjeseci

    David MasseyDavid MasseyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • j'arrive même pas à taper la bal avec une raquette alors comme ca je dis bravo

    Tib 68Tib 68Prije 2 mjeseci
  • *boxing glove*

    KilluaKilluaPrije 2 mjeseci
  • This is not Rocky Balboa this is Ivan Drago

    Vane SlavkovskiVane SlavkovskiPrije 2 mjeseci
  • what sport do you use a squash racket for?

    Chris LarsonChris LarsonPrije 2 mjeseci
  • R ya guys Finnish?

    perunapelaaja _perunapelaaja _Prije 2 mjeseci
    • yeah they are

      Ayoub abAyoub abPrije mjesec
  • Swimming thing. Love it.

    Godlord TerribleGodlord TerriblePrije 2 mjeseci
  • Imagine spending 10 minutes of your life for an ending like that..

    Just another GuyJust another GuyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Why don’t you replace the foam roller with a battle ram

  • Your english is weird

    Per BoenderPer BoenderPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I thought he was going to slap the ping pong ball using the boxing gloves :/

    Ghadi HidayatGhadi HidayatPrije 2 mjeseci
  • im not gonna lie, it was really cool, im glad youtube popped the vid up for me :D subbed :D

    Károly NagyKároly NagyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 1:45 Reason why you are my favorite! So happy I found this channel tonight! I'm on my 4th video haha :)

    Marcus LMarcus LPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 7:47 xD

    Jonathan MeyerJonathan MeyerPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I think the official rules say: table tennis rocket is da wae...

    Lovec PampalínůLovec PampalínůPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Davie's Pizza from tall italian guy rocket?🚀

      SpongebobSpongebobPrije 2 mjeseci
  • yours accent sound a bit finnish

    hakkapeliitta _420hakkapeliitta _420Prije 2 mjeseci
  • emil does the smash with the boxing glove me: hey is he rocky

    Raja KarRaja KarPrije 2 mjeseci