Hands Tied Ping Pong

1. Tra 2019.
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This time we try to play table tennis with our hands and legs tied up!
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    • 🙂🙂

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    • Разговариваете на русском?

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    • Play with the other side of the racket

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    • Do your intro Bulgerian

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    • Awesome

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  • 아니 총알티비가 얼마나 이쁘고 몸매좋은사람들이 많으면 주위에서 다 총알티비 총알티비하냐 오늘한번보러가야겟다

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  • 총알티비분들 뭐시 이리이쁘다냐...진짜 넘사벽이다 이분들은

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  • 크 총알티비보느라 눈밑에까지 다크써클 들어옴 ....진짜 근데이뻐서 눈을못떼겟다...

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  • 와 사람들이 하도 총알티비 하길래 봣더만 하는데는 다이유가잇더라진짜 비제이들이 개이뻐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ퇴근이기다려진다 총알티비 볼생각에 설레죽겟구먼

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  • 아니 총알티비 사람들은 뭐시 다이리 몸매가 좋고 이쁘다냐진짜직여주는구먼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • 퇴근하고 빨리 총알티비보러가고싶다 요새 총알티비에 빠져서 미칠것같다 ..

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  • 아니 총알티비 따라올 인방잇냐 진짜 클라스가 다르구먼 싹다

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  • 총알티비 진짜 보다보면 빠져든다 .. 라이브에 수위도좋고 외모도좋고 .. 삼박자 지렸으

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  • omg

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  • hrworld.info/home/video/esxxg653gKaBecg.html

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  • I am so late lol

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  • how is mikka tied up, but still moving more than otto

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  • why tied up mikka, tied up Otto

    Shuo YeShuo YePrije 4 mjeseci
  • do an ıntro ın turkısh

    King KalenderKing KalenderPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Challenge: make Otto play table tennis with his hands and feet tied up.

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  • 1 yr later and 2 days

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  • Jump in the table and play

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  • Get 2 million subs by 2021!

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    • do it!

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  • challenge: play table tennis blind folded up and see how many shots you can do????

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  • Finally a game I can play with the hostages

    Ur mum gay LolUr mum gay LolPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Can you play ping pong with a shirt

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  • Mikka😂😂

    Sahita kanishka TarunSahita kanishka TarunPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Play with a marble and 2 thin sticks...plz🙏🏻

    Momin KhanMomin KhanPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Catiso-skyline

    Renzo Marcelo Espinoza MamaniRenzo Marcelo Espinoza MamaniPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Hugo Calderano 🇧🇷

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  • Hugo must win this

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  • When you are being arrested but you love ping pong so much

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  • Do whit hand backshot 20 times

    E1Ö ÖzlekE1Ö ÖzlekPrije 11 mjeseci

    Snezana RadicevicSnezana RadicevicPrije 11 mjeseci
  • It is a little bit how tennis?

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  • 0:44 ha dicho mikka no vale Did mikka says that it dont count in spanish

  • So tennis?

    TF foxyTF foxyPrije godine
  • at 2:22, i hear little girl laughing... is it me or anyone can hear it too ?? or it comes with the music ??

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  • Otto is torturing Miika and Emil is standing there

    Kantawat (Kin) PrasitsoonthornKantawat (Kin) PrasitsoonthornPrije godine
  • Let otto do it too

    Kantawat (Kin) PrasitsoonthornKantawat (Kin) PrasitsoonthornPrije godine
  • #Challenge_pongifity try ty apply a racket to you heat and play

    Denis VyglazovDenis VyglazovPrije godine
  • #pongfinity try to apply rackets to your head and play

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  • Do your intro in tuekish

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  • Get 1 million subscriber by the end of this year

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  • I have become a fan of pongfinity

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  • Who else spent the duration of this video feeling sorry for Miika, but also laughing at the same time.

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  • Will you please try playing ping pong with a tennis ball

    Neha GuptaNeha GuptaPrije godine
  • Theres just Emil in the backeound

    [VG]TEDI-_-[VG]TEDI-_-Prije godine
  • これが今流行りの拘束卓球か!

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  • Challenge: Get to a million in 2019

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  • I want you to do intro in norwegian

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  • I enjoyed this video. It was really funny

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  • Если Русский ставь лайк

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  • Hugo!!

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  • Genios!! Desde argentina 🇦🇷

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  • When someone with his hands tied up can do a better topspin than you

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  • I challenge you to play table tennis with soap on the floor where you will step on it making it harder to stand

    André EschembachAndré EschembachPrije godine
  • try to play table tennis by tying fan around it

    Laxmi KhadkaLaxmi KhadkaPrije godine
  • 2:04 was the best time

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  • Play tt with one eye closed

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  • Little bunny XD

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  • Emil-right handed Otto-left handed Mikka-Both

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  • try to play with baby toys

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  • Lololl

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  • Hola amo el tenis de masa

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  • Someone just really lucked out on their fetish

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  • 日本人いない

    時透無一郎時透無一郎Prije godine

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  • Intro in Italian

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  • #Challenge pongfinity turn arond and hit the ball with the backhand

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  • Still plays better then me

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  • Mikka should be the new pixar lamp

    Young GuitarYoung GuitarPrije godine
  • Play normal tennis

    JuanDa OrtizJuanDa OrtizPrije godine
  • Reminds me of the Pixar lamp😂👌

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  • صلو على النبي

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    5等分にされた一花5等分にされた一花Prije godine
  • He's just playing like tennis

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  • Play table tennis with your eyes covered . Ichallenge you

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  • I had started table tennis in 1990

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  • Do your intro in bengali

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  • 0:51 press pause Was otto playing with his right hand?

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  • Russia Россия

    МармукМармукPrije godine
  • Play with rolled newspaper

    Dinesh BaskaranDinesh BaskaranPrije godine
  • play with a pencil

  • Make intro in Serbian

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  • Can you spin your self and have 10 shots

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  • I don't think I've seen any youtube channel that I really enjoy where the creators are current pro players. And then see them have this much fun joking around with each other; really cool!

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  • Try doing your intro/outro in Welsh.

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  • #challengepongfinity could you play with a phone😂. Would be funny👌

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    • 👈

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  • Could you please do the intruduction in german

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  • 拘束卓球で高速卓球

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  • Play with ping pong ball (like it's your racket)

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      Lazar KeravicaLazar KeravicaPrije godine
  • 10 around the net shots in a row with penhold grip

    Ian WulfertIan WulfertPrije godine
  • Do the Intro in German

    Emil LebanEmil LebanPrije godine
  • Play a couple rounds with back spin only. If you use any other spin you lose

    Case TaylorCase TaylorPrije godine
  • Plz can you play table tennis with a sponge ball

    Ajay YadavAjay YadavPrije godine
  • うまい人は手足拘束なんて関係なく、うまいんだ\(^^)/ さすがでした‼️\(^^)/💓

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  • Play a Set on a Badminton Court!

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  • You are still way better than me with your hands and feet tied up

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