Giant Ping Pong 3

8. Svi 2019.
1 549 971 Pregleda

It's time for the final of Giant Table Tennis: Pongfinity's Otto vs Emil!
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  • 총알티비가 진짜 넘사벽임 ;;;;아무데도 못넘을걸 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Jhalla GamerJhalla GamerPrije 6 dana
  • av고 야동이고 뭐고 총알티비가 더 야함 ...무료인것도 쌉혜자....지린다 이렇게 유익한데가 있다니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    divine fitnessdivine fitnessPrije 6 dana
  • 진짜 신세계다 총알티비 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ내인생 인방중이 수위하나는 최고다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ감사합니다 잘볼게용 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    Subhrayan's WorldSubhrayan's WorldPrije 6 dana
  • 나 편돌이하는데 너무심심해서 총알티비깔았다가 걍 문닫아놓고 총알티비만봤음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Shivako GamingShivako GamingPrije 6 dana
  • 매일 총알티비 보다보면 내가 남자라는걸 확실히 느끼게해줌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 원래 진짜 잘 안서는데 총알티비보고는 불끈불끈선다

    Peachy Mochi Official.Peachy Mochi Official.Prije 6 dana
  • 확실히 총알티비 수위가 제일쎈듯 다른 인터넷방송은 수위제한있어서 좀 그런데 .. 총알티비는 전혀없다 그런게 ㅋㅋㅋ

    Anang ComelAnang ComelPrije 6 dana
  • 매일 총알티비보는데 내 존슨이 인싸가되가는것같다 진짜 숨도못쉬게 좋네 .. 숨막힌다

    Minecraft PHMinecraft PHPrije 6 dana
  • 총알티비 첨봤는데 진짜 여긴 레알이다 ....수위실화임?? 진짜 베스트다 총알티비는 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ안보는사람이 없더라 요즘ㅋㅋㅋ

    Movies and season linksMovies and season linksPrije 6 dana
  • 요즘 내 취미는 무조건 총알티비임 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ다른덴 필요없음 하루종일 총알티비만 보는중ㅎㅎㅎ더할나위없이 행복한 요즘 ㅎㅎㅎ

    Mr.Ramraj 03Mr.Ramraj 03Prije 6 dana
  • 근데 진짜 총알티비 ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋㅋ 핫하긴하다 여자애들 다벗고있고 난리도아니네 .. AV볼필요가 업성진듯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    amr Essaamr EssaPrije 6 dana
  • พูดพาษาไทยได้ไหมคับ

    ต้อ พระนครต้อ พระนครPrije 7 dana
  • Quem mais e BR deixa o like

  • Play giant ping pong with left hand side

    Usierim HamzaUsierim HamzaPrije 13 dana
  • These videos always remind of the time at school in table tennis club where I lost my grip on the racket because my hands were really sweaty and accidentally threw the racket right past my friend. I swear the racket was an inch or so away from his face.

    Moo CowMoo CowPrije 25 dana
  • Суставы Эмиля подводят

    Anime AMWAnime AMWPrije mjesec
  • Otto flicking backhand out there with the grace of Federer

    Finnian BrewerFinnian BrewerPrije mjesec
  • Emil: Why? Otto: ’cause

    Hot SausageHot SausagePrije mjesec
  • Challenge: play ping pong while a giraffe is in the room

    sawyer9timessawyer9timesPrije mjesec
  • This setup looks actually ready for olympic games..

    Peli MiesPeli MiesPrije mjesec
  • eles colocam o ttulo, a descriçao portyugues e eles sao americanos, kk bilingue?

    JoseVictor NeumannJoseVictor NeumannPrije mjesec
  • Ils sont tous champion du monde dans des monde différent

    Gravity_ WayZzGravity_ WayZzPrije mjesec
  • C’est pas possible

    Gravity_ WayZzGravity_ WayZzPrije mjesec
  • Who actually wanted Emil to beat the Sensei for the first time

  • ✖️ table tenns ⭕️ tennis

    DJ electroDJ electroPrije 2 mjeseci
  • You should make a GIANT ping pong racket.

    DogeGaming8000YTDogeGaming8000YTPrije 2 mjeseci
  • This is what pro table tennis should be

    Luke CarterLuke CarterPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I love how the editor put effort into synching the hit sounds with the music. Subtle but so cool. In the last point I really noticed it.

    Cody HeinerCody HeinerPrije 2 mjeseci
  • U no a giant ping pong would be tennis

    LEO is BAELEO is BAEPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Imagine being up 8-5 and still losing

    AJ KeyAJ KeyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 超楽しそう

    中谷優太中谷優太Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Isn’t this just mini tennis

    IllusionIllusionPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Emil was "the come on" guy

    MijatMijatPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Like to see a Fedal

    gardadagardadaPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Them: Giant PING PONG me: tennis?

    VoidghostwasTaken _VoidghostwasTaken _Prije 3 mjeseci
  • It’s funny how Otto always finds a way to win

    Hank SonnierHank SonnierPrije 3 mjeseci
  • How does anyone believe they can beat otto. He cant be beaten and it must be illegal to beat him

    Chris BenoitChris BenoitPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Can Emil win he just always lose I want he win

    Chun Hung LeeChun Hung LeePrije 3 mjeseci
  • Want one more giant pingpong 4 With Otto Mikka VS Emil

    Aditya Amit KinjawadekarAditya Amit KinjawadekarPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Also called "tennis"

    Alex , con x de mixtaAlex , con x de mixtaPrije 3 mjeseci
  • A hole in the racket! foreshadowing eh?

    Johnny LeeJohnny LeePrije 3 mjeseci
  • How interesting

    Johnny LeeJohnny LeePrije 3 mjeseci
  • I think that Otto will never lose a match if playing with Emil or Mikka as he plays with presence of his mind and has nice backhand power

    Nikhil KungNikhil KungPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Emil almost had him 😭

    Daniel DilawriDaniel DilawriPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Why does always Otto win😂🙏

    aaryan mehtaaaryan mehtaPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Absolutely love this!

    Help me reach 10k subs with no videosHelp me reach 10k subs with no videosPrije 5 mjeseci
  • I think already should be like this

    Super MarioSuper MarioPrije 5 mjeseci
  • Emil was running everywhere tieringly while otto was easily walking and playing Otto:🚶 Emil:🏃💨

    Kalavathy RavindranathKalavathy RavindranathPrije 5 mjeseci
  • why emil has lose everytime :D

    Kuzu EtiKuzu EtiPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Emil is the least agile person i've ever seen

    Eduardo BauabEduardo BauabPrije 6 mjeseci
  • To make it more interesting paddles and ball should be changed so that ball can get more speed.

    Mario ManoMario ManoPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Could you play again but with normal tennis services? Thanks!! One more sub.

    Juan Avilés DelgadoJuan Avilés DelgadoPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Song*?

    tracer overwatch herotracer overwatch heroPrije 6 mjeseci
  • This is almost like playing Tennis.

    CWolf20CWolf20Prije 6 mjeseci
  • cool

    Monish AvvaruMonish AvvaruPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Name something sexier than Otto's backhand

    Miles VerschuurMiles VerschuurPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Otto is fat man

    Olek DziasekOlek DziasekPrije 7 mjeseci
  • So Mikka is better with small things :)

    David MeierDavid MeierPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Otto:PRO (he is very pro cause he do the technique very well Miika:EXPERT (he is expert cause he has many tricks) Emil:Veteran (he usually win cause he is very tall) My thinking actually

    ツ비버ツ비버Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Emil the come on guy

    Lata PoudelLata PoudelPrije 7 mjeseci
  • What is the background music of the video?

    Poncho ShimonPoncho ShimonPrije 7 mjeseci
  • R they purposely cringi

    coollinsanegiraf bycoollinsanegiraf byPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Make to play tennis floor with Giant Net!!🏓👍 Good luck 👍👍💓

    Shai Ultra Instinct ashalem N.Shai Ultra Instinct ashalem N.Prije 8 mjeseci
  • Nice vidéo but Emil don't run

    TounArtTounArtPrije 8 mjeseci
  • 0:35 they were on time to the music a bit

    HAZZA ROOHAZZA ROOPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Otto is giving me serious Karakasevic vibes.

    FCFCPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Try to play this with tennis ball, and tennis racket

    Вова ХоменкоВова ХоменкоPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Come on guys! Pongfiniti makes great content and these 78% don’t subscribe to the channel! Unlike some channels, pongfiniti do not ask for likes for new videos and try very hard. Let's guys not be lazy!

    Артём БондарьАртём БондарьPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Kingsss

    ozlem denizozlem denizPrije 8 mjeseci


    frank TV ضصثقفfrank TV ضصثقفPrije 8 mjeseci
  • I think that Emil just needs to work in his footwork more and he’ll be op

    Weston WangWeston WangPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Será que eu sou o único BR que assiste eles?

    Eduardo FernandesEduardo FernandesPrije 8 mjeseci
  • The awkward moment when you realize Emil is actually the “come on guy” stereotype 😂

    Aaron TelanderAaron TelanderPrije 8 mjeseci
  • I just came home from practice i my team did the same thing giant pong

    Nikolaj MogensenNikolaj MogensenPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Can you do your intro in swedish

    Olle NorstenOlle NorstenPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Please use those massive, cheap rackets (for tennis/badminton) you get at beach shops in the South England

    King MunroKing MunroPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Guys, your amazing!!!

    Павел ЗалогиновПавел ЗалогиновPrije 9 mjeseci
  • А какие у вас ракетки?

    Михалыч ЖилиКМихалыч ЖилиКPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Otto backhand is god descend

    HaeraveilHaeraveilPrije 9 mjeseci
  • When people say that ping pong isn’t an exercise. Mika:*excessively jumps and runs in a game of pong*

    HenOui OuiHenOui OuiPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Have u tried having a really small game so like only use like half a table. Please use my idea and like if u agree

    Jan BetancourtJan BetancourtPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Do a colab and play some games with dan from table tennis daily

    PlasmaGaming 201PlasmaGaming 201Prije 9 mjeseci
  • No one: Emil: Come on!

    Ender KurtEnder KurtPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Is there a match where Emil ever wins?

    TheCeilingFanCollectorHDTheCeilingFanCollectorHDPrije 9 mjeseci
  • اللي بيتكلم عربي لايك

    Dr SpiderDr SpiderPrije 9 mjeseci
  • The Giant pong videos are the best!

    Vinit JobanputraVinit JobanputraPrije 9 mjeseci
  • With trancáis

    Gonzalo Millera PiñeroGonzalo Millera PiñeroPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Otto: like Emil: comment

    FlavFlavPrije 10 mjeseci
  • すげー

    101 yasunari101 yasunariPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Make a intro with a cucaracha plis

    Samir Sanchez MelgarSamir Sanchez MelgarPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Otto=ceo of backhand

    Lucas HungerfordLucas HungerfordPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Hi I am thai I like it

    ปิติศักดิ์ สารักษ์ปิติศักดิ์ สารักษ์Prije 10 mjeseci
    • คือกุพิมภาษาพวกมึงไม่เปน

      ปิติศักดิ์ สารักษ์ปิติศักดิ์ สารักษ์Prije 10 mjeseci
  • otto is very fat and stupit

    Mateusz BMateusz BPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Has otto ever lost a pongfinity match?

    Luke HartmannLuke HartmannPrije 10 mjeseci
    • He lost once against mikka, but in 1m special he said he let him win XD

      roberto márquezroberto márquezPrije 10 mjeseci
  • A

    Edu HhEdu HhPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Otto no stress Emil yes

    Anthony BernardAnthony BernardPrije 10 mjeseci
  • otto always win how is that how can lose oTTO

    Muhammad AteeqMuhammad AteeqPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Come on

    Marcel SkóraMarcel SkóraPrije 10 mjeseci
  • Otto is god in table tennis

    FoxisFoxisPrije 10 mjeseci
  • otto just chillin

    FaZe_ 3FaZe_ 3Prije 10 mjeseci