Finnish Championships Quarter Final 2020 [Pongfinity]

4. Ožu 2020.
669 014 Pregleda

We're posting Miikka's full matches from the 2020 Finnish Championships starting with the quarter final. Try to spot the between the legs shot!
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  • 7:43, having a youtube channel dedicated to trick shots has finally paid of

    Drapix 1Drapix 1Prije 7 mjeseci
    • @autist ode useless

      AI人工智障AI人工智障Prije 13 dana
    • dude perfect...

      autist odeautist odePrije 5 mjeseci
    • 100 subscribers with no video Not now

      Sebastian SchlichtSebastian SchlichtPrije 7 mjeseci
    • @Guele_ Pega lol I didn't notice that😂

      Kubi81Kubi81Prije 7 mjeseci
    • Bruh you literally are subbed to the 3 minecraft YT I love. Dream is my fav, than TapL

      Ruilin ZhuRuilin ZhuPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 6:02 is that ducobu behind mikka ?

    Noan HARMANDNoan HARMANDPrije 4 dana
  • 확실히 총알티비 만한 인터넷방송이 없는듯 .. 진짜 이런수위 처음이야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개쩐다

    Sri ArjunSri ArjunPrije 6 dana
  • 진짜 총알티비 수위는 19금이아니라 29금인듯 .. 대박이다 진짜 ㅠㅠ

    صباحو / Comicsصباحو / ComicsPrije 6 dana
  • 맨날 총알티비 보면사 밤샘 ㅋㅋㅋ 여자애들 밤에 미쳐날뛴다 .. 수위초대박이네

    Movie UpdateMovie UpdatePrije 6 dana
  • 진짜 총알티비보는데 코피 너무흘려서 빈혈날듯 ㅠㅠ 진짜 대박이다

    needs netcafeneeds netcafePrije 6 dana
  • 총알티비보다 클라스좋은 티비 있나 ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 인방중엔 수위 원탑인듯

    Mystical GSMystical GSPrije 6 dana
  • 총알티비만 보면 민망함 .. 성인인데도 부끄러울정도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Mộc An KidsMộc An KidsPrije 6 dana
  • 총알티비 섹끈밖끈 언니들 왤케많음 ?ㅎㄷㄷ하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜개쩐다.내가 이런말 잘안하거든? 총알티비는 인정해주고싶다.

    Double ThumblerDouble ThumblerPrije 6 dana
  • 요즘 제 똘똘이가 ...항상 기가 죽어있었는데 ....총알티비 보더니 0.1초만에 기가 살아나더라구요 ....신기했어요....

    Med SalanMed SalanPrije 6 dana
  • Why Miikka was playing bad ???????

    DJ AniketDJ AniketPrije 8 dana
  • Mikka so good et this game

    Rafly PRafly PPrije 16 dana
  • 6:26 best moment!!!

    Davi BardalDavi BardalPrije 28 dana
  • Distance Jani : 1 meter Miikka : 20 kilometers

    Anis DzibricAnis DzibricPrije 29 dana
  • You are so Good

  • 07:48 nice shot milikka

    si black gamingsi black gamingPrije mjesec
  • 7:47 wtf???

    Dobra BatDobra BatPrije mjesec
  • who's troy tho?

    H.U.FH.U.FPrije 2 mjeseci
  • when you serve you are waiting is not fair

    cagatay aksoycagatay aksoyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 7:44 THAT point 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    JarStarkJarStarkPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Imagine if there was a fly in their house...

    Kenzo UchihaKenzo UchihaPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Bravo Miika

    Máté SzentjóbiMáté SzentjóbiPrije 4 mjeseci
  • how to make score on video

    Thiền Sư An Lạc HạnhThiền Sư An Lạc HạnhPrije 5 mjeseci
  • I'm pongfinity's die hard fan

    Jaswant LalluJaswant LalluPrije 5 mjeseci
  • The last set :D !

    elmatador0705elmatador0705Prije 6 mjeseci
  • Miikka vins a point COUUAH

    Erik SävenstrandErik SävenstrandPrije 6 mjeseci
  • where is otto 😢

    Hanif BahasuanHanif BahasuanPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Hi

    Dhruvin SanghviDhruvin SanghviPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Happy birthday

    Dhruvin SanghviDhruvin SanghviPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Pongfinity never lose lol

    ChokunPlayzGamesChokunPlayzGamesPrije 6 mjeseci
  • 😂

    Kenny KaoKenny KaoPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Well, Miika is not really friendly in tournument 😝 his opponent really need to be carefull lol

    Amir AzimAmir AzimPrije 6 mjeseci
  • W

    kps arcokps arcoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • W

    kps arcokps arcoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • W

    kps arcokps arcoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Mikka seems to do better at slow to medium pace

    Derpy DerpDerpy DerpPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Is it permitted, within the rules, to hit the ball before it bounces? (Just out of curiosity).

    Chipper CardinalChipper CardinalPrije 7 mjeseci

    hardcore 94hardcore 94Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Cmon

    CaspzzCaspzzPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 7:34 those words are just some shaolin magic trick that can help win?

    El DoradoEl DoradoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • you guys are soooo pro

    moepyae thumoepyae thuPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I have Miikka drez on kids olympic games in czech republic

    marky najmanmarky najmanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • OMG mikka god

    Gustavo ArgoloGustavo ArgoloPrije 7 mjeseci
  • No one : Miikka : 7:47

    Muhammad ZulfahmiMuhammad ZulfahmiPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Lol 😂 7:46 The way he did under the leg

    Ght007 MCgamingGht007 MCgamingPrije 7 mjeseci
  • very nice match . both players were impressive . I don't remember if you guys did tell what kind of blade and rubbers Miikka is using for tournaments 👍 🏓

    Alex RAlex RPrije 7 mjeseci
  • What the hell did u do to the joyful and happy miikka we know and love that is not him!! That must be unleashed Miikka

    mahamed helwamahamed helwaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Miika literally can’t stand still can he? Can’t even just walk. Always buzzing

    wilkin.simonwilkin.simonPrije 7 mjeseci
  • That between the legs shot though...

    CaspzzCaspzzPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Miikka: *gets a point* OI

    Bruno GrosserBruno GrosserPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Play a rally using back spin serves and shots.

  • That is one of the best matches I have seen in TT history

    Yaqub MahsudYaqub MahsudPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Mikka, are you irish?

    Сергей АфанасенкоСергей АфанасенкоPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Challenge: Do intro and outro in Czech language

    Kubix CzeKubix CzePrije 7 mjeseci
  • miikka has very spin serves

    Nghia NguyenNghia NguyenPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Let’s go Miika, I knew you could do it!

    YONYYONYPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 1000th comment 💯

    Rize TeeRize TeePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Instead of jani he’s name should be Nani‼️☣️☣️bammm

    Combined GamerZzCombined GamerZzPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Jani = Emil??

    Luke BennettLuke BennettPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Where is otto? Why he did not participate?

    Golden collectionGolden collectionPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Nice job!! So are these matches best of 5 sets?

    Nomon MunirNomon MunirPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Pongfinity vs TTD pls

    John WeeJohn WeePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Janni is unlucky.

    nicephorenicephorePrije 7 mjeseci
  • 4:36 Hahahaha

    Xtreme_MVPXtreme_MVPPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Didn't know Mikka was this good...

    N cMN cMPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Damn the trick shot at 7:47

    Bruno RamírezBruno RamírezPrije 7 mjeseci
  • man this is high quality ! so good to watch

    WWPrije 7 mjeseci
  • The way the ball jumped to Mikka shoulder at 1:55 is insane

    Bernard SaturninoBernard SaturninoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I had to double check I wasn't watching on 2x speed

    Hashim NawazHashim NawazPrije 7 mjeseci
  • the professional ping pong matches are where you would hit the ball as hard as you can when you had pe

    penquin ツpenquin ツPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 2:01 Miikka hit barriers in ping pong stereotypes

    q3eq3eqq3eq3eqPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I am your biggest fan pong finity my name

    Pc SinhaPc SinhaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Nooooo... his Raquet. Poor guy. That's been my worst Table Tennis nightmare for a while now, my Raquet rubbing across the corner while doing a topspin stroke. btw it's 2:40 (Miikka's opponent)

    random meme catrandom meme catPrije 7 mjeseci
  • i just realized how sweaty Miikka can be if he wants to.

    random meme catrandom meme catPrije 7 mjeseci
  • love it. a lot of counter spin rallies big thumbs up

    Stevie GStevie GPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Amazin...

    Al AyyubiAl AyyubiPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Please do your intro in nepali language

    VitaVitaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 8:10 Mikka where are you going?

    NorwitNorwitPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Otto is the best of yout team Pongfinity?

    d0biecki _d0biecki _Prije 7 mjeseci
  • I challenge you to play L pong

    GriegoGriegoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • for challenge pongfinity: play while being blind folded

    Justin :PJustin :PPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Miikka is very strong!!

    暇人。暇人。Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Witch country are you from

    Elias BomanElias BomanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • nice!

    暇人。暇人。Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Cade os br nessa poha???

    Gabriel EnriqueGabriel EnriquePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Guys, how much TTR-Points do you have ?

    lol0930lol0930Prije 7 mjeseci
  • ミイッカ強すぎ! 勝利おめでとうございます!Congratulations✨

    ななななななPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I love ❤️ pongfinity they’re the best ping pong Channel ❤️❤️❤️

    Martin SeverinMartin SeverinPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I challenge pongfinity to add a domino trick shot video (with ping-pong tricks)

    Kavin DeoKavin DeoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Challenge pongfinity, do your intro in Estonian

    Joosep AriaJoosep AriaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 6:26 was a great rally

    Ahmet Ensar BayburtluAhmet Ensar BayburtluPrije 7 mjeseci
  • DUA SAO!!!!!

    oN3LS0N 0oN3LS0N 0Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Do intro in Thai

    สฐิภัส ศรีเฉลิมสฐิภัส ศรีเฉลิมPrije 7 mjeseci
  • mikka has a lot of nerves i think

    PineapplePineapplePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Play with go pro while recording...

    Aarsh ShrivastavaAarsh ShrivastavaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • What an excellent footwork, I wold like to be a half as good as you! )))

    DyaVictorDyaVictorPrije 7 mjeseci
  • That was really a awesome game bro I knew at the begining that u will win

    Swapna VSwapna VPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Miika you are the best pleyer

    xd gamesxd gamesPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Do a u pong setup

    Zharisse RuizZharisse RuizPrije 7 mjeseci
  • 7:43 wonder where that came from